Johanna – Utrecht – The Netherlands


655 rooms and apartments
Quarter: Utrecht Science Park
16 m² – 28 m²

Johanna is the very newest student complex on the Bisschopssteeg in Utrecht Science Park (De Uithof). Here 655 students live in the clouds! It is a stunning building, with a facade covered with authentic blue and white tiles from the famous ceramics manufacturer Royal Tichelaar Makkum.

The rooms
In Johanna, there are 381 student rooms of about 16 m². 148 are furnished (reserved accommodations) and 233 rooms are unfurnished. The groups consist of four, five or six rooms. You will therefore share the communal facilities such as a spacious kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

The studios
There are 274 studios in Johanna of approximately 24 m². They are all unfurnished. You have all the facilities to yourself: a living room/bedroom with an open kitchen and a separate bathroom with toilet. The studios are all unfurnished and intended for occupancy by one person. You have to have a WoningNet registration.

Facilities in Johanna
We have realized various facilities in the building. In the large entrance hall on the ground floor there is a laundrette (De Waskamer). This is the place where you can do your laundry in professional, energy efficient washers and dryers. It is not possible to do your laundry in your apartment. The ground floor also offers a study area; a perfect place to sit down with your laptop while enjoying a nice cup of coffee from The Village Coffee, the best in town!

There are several outdoor areas: a large communal terrace at ground level at the back of the building and one on the 11th floor, with an excellent view of Utrecht and the forest of Amelisweerd.